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Nom : Ziyyara

Prénom : Ziyyara

Adresse : A-39, 1st Floor I-Area, Amaltash Marg, Block A, Sector 4, Noida

Code Postal : 201301

Ville : NOIDAN

Pays : Inde

Occupation : Ziyyara Edtech

Téléphone : 09654271931

Biographie : Ziyyara redefines online learning for 8th graders, blending education with real-life applications:

Home Tuition for Class 8: Dive into history lessons by virtually touring Egyptian pyramids or solve math problems related to daily budgeting.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Tackle subjects like Science by exploring how plants in your backyard photosynthesize or English by crafting stories based on your neighborhood.

Interactive and Fun Methods: Learn Geography by virtually traveling across continents or get hands-on with DIY science experiments.

Expert Tutors for Every Subject: Our educators ensure every topic is relatable, using day-to-day examples to make learning more immersive.

Holistic Growth: Beyond academics, nurture creative thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing for future challenges.

With Ziyyara's home tuitions for 8th standard, every lesson becomes a delightful experience, merging real-life relevance with academic wisdom. Join and see education in a brand-new light!

For More Details:


Call us:
India - +91-9654271931

UAE- +971-505593798

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Articles Thank you for providing this information. Visit us to get A Level Tuition Online at Affordable prices.
par hamza01 le 26/06 à 06:18
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